We specialize in Speech, Occupational, Myofunctional, and Feeding Therapies in the Tampa Bay area

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Speech Therapy

Child is not talking
Child is hard to understand
Child might have a language disorder

occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy

Child has difficulty with completing tasks
Child is a picky eater
Child may have fine motor and gross motor delays


Teletherapy is the process of providing therapy services through a video-conferencing platform. It is very similar to traditional therapy in our clinic except it is delivered via live video conferencing.


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True/False on Tongue Ties

True/False on Tongue Ties

All tongue ties should be released. FALSE: Tongue ties should only be released when they are having symptoms and function is decreased. Sometimes tongue ties are all the way to the tip, however there are no side effects and the tongue still has full range of motion....

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When should you be concerned about stuttering?

When should you be concerned about stuttering?

We all have dysfluencies everyday! Very often people say “um,” “uh,” or “like” when they are trying to explain something to you. Even repeating the beginning of a sentence like, “Can you, Can you get bananas at the store?” while trying to recall information is normal....

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What is the SOS Approach Feeding Difficulties

What is the SOS Approach Feeding Difficulties

What is the SOS Approach Feeding Difficulties By Brenna Hicks True or false? The #1 priority of the human body is eating. Well, believe it or not that statement is FALSE. Breathing is actually the 1st! Our bodies require good oxygenation, and without it our bodies...

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