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I am the Mother of a beautiful little girl named Danielle. Danielle is autistic and has a speech delay along with SPD. Shortly after Danielle turned 2, we enrolled her in speech therapy due to her speech delay. At this time we did not know she was autistic. Danielle started seeing Nicole weekly and started using some words to communicate shortly there after.

Nicole had referred us to a really great developmental pediatrician where she received her diagnosis of autism. Nicole has been a key factor in Danielle’s development since she was 2. By starting early intervention with Nicole and with her guidance , Danielle is now 5 and is able to communicate her needs using multiple words together. (Which also means very few meltdowns) Nicole assisted us in getting our lamp device as well, which has been helping Danielle immensely with speaking her wants and needs and sentence building.

Overall Danielle has made so much progress over the past 3 years and we accredit Nicole as being a very big part in her overall development. She has taught both us as parents, and Danielle so much about autism, both helping and directing us. As a parent of a special needs child i would highly recommend Nicole as she is extremely patient, very sweet, very knowledgeable, and overall an amazing speech therapist.

Nicole Henderson

It is an absolute pleasure for me to recommend Nicole. She is an excellent speech language pathologist as well as an extremely knowledgeable and experienced professional. Our daughter who is five and has down syndrome is non-verbal. She has always experienced language difficulties along with lack of social skills.

We have been through a few speech language pathologists. But I am so glad that we met Nicole. She has excellent teaching skills. Her approach and methods are amazing as she carefully considers Lillian’s strengths and weaknesses. Nicole manages to build therapy sessions with challenges and interesting tasks. Nicole knows how to adapt methods to create maximum results for Lillian. Nicole introduced us to the LAMP communication application. We then invested in an Accent 800 which is totally devoted to her communication. It is absolutely amazing how she is learning to use the device to talk to us. When she told me “Mama I love you and gave me a hug, my heart melted!” Not only has she been able to communicate with the device but she also is now starting to verbalize!!

Nicole’s patience and expertise are incredible! Due to the variety of Nicole’s approaches in therapy Lillian is able to enjoy therapy while staying organized and focused. Nicole exhibits and demonstrates great enthusiasm and I am extremely grateful that I had the honor and pleasure of finding Nicole!

Wendy Frank