My boys have been coming to Bayside for OT for 2 years . They have been working with their OT in many aspects (Savannah). I’ve seen her hard work flourish in them. She is the BEST! She has a very special gift in finding her way to be innovative, inspiring, and resourceful ; and she takes the time to educate me in the process. We are so lucky to have her. The administration is always very helpful and they are committed to Provide the Best affordable service for their patients working their way around insurances that are so hard to work with … Together we made it work. I’ve seen how Bayside has grown in the past years and feel proud and happy to be a part of the Bayside family!

Ametza Montaner

Finding Bayside Pediatric Therapy has been a wonderful blessing to our family. Our son receives OT from Savannah. We couldn’t say thank you to her enough. We were unsure of how to help our son, and she has helped us navigate his particular challenges. After carefully and diligently assessing our son, she introduced us to reflex therapy. She took the time to explain what it was and how it worked. She educated us on the research and benefits of reflex therapy. When we realized that this type of therapy actually treated the root of our son’s struggles and not just the surface, we knew it was the answer. With her guidance, we started doing specific exercises with our son each day. He started making progress within weeks. He has now been in reflex therapy for almost a year, and the progress we continue to see still amazes us. Reflex therapy has helped our son overcome struggles that were making simple, everyday tasks very difficult. Savannah and reflex therapy have been a gift to our family, and our son loves working with her every week. She is very attentive to him and his needs. She always takes time after each session to explain what they worked on, the progress he has made, and how to help him at home. We are so thankful for Savannah taking the time to help us understand reflex therapy and walking with our family each step of the way.

Hillary Alldredge

We have been using Bayside Pediatric Therapy for over a year. My now 5 year old daughter is autistic, ADHD and speech delayed. We use both speech and occupational therapy. The difference it has made in her communication, social skills, and behavior has been amazing to see. She loves each of the therapists she sees. My 2 year old son has also started using their services. He went from barely trying to talk to speaking words and learning some basic signs and only a couple months. A lot of his actions have been improved upon.

Everyone that we work with had gone above and beyond in helping us with everything, even things outside of therapy sessions. They always take a minute whenever they can to say hi if they walk by. I would always recommend them to anyone around the area. We even drive about 30 miles to see them and even though there are facilities closer, we aren’t switching.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings for my children while working with the staff.

Shelly Hixson

I am the Mother of a beautiful little girl named Danielle. Danielle is autistic and has a speech delay along with SPD. Shortly after Danielle turned 2, we enrolled her in speech therapy due to her speech delay. At this time we did not know she was autistic. Danielle started seeing Nicole weekly and started using some words to communicate shortly there after.

Nicole had referred us to a really great developmental pediatrician where she received her diagnosis of autism. Nicole has been a key factor in Danielle’s development since she was 2. By starting early intervention with Nicole and with her guidance , Danielle is now 5 and is able to communicate her needs using multiple words together. (Which also means very few meltdowns) Nicole assisted us in getting our lamp device as well, which has been helping Danielle immensely with speaking her wants and needs and sentence building.

Overall Danielle has made so much progress over the past 3 years and we accredit Nicole as being a very big part in her overall development. She has taught both us as parents, and Danielle so much about autism, both helping and directing us. As a parent of a special needs child i would highly recommend Nicole as she is extremely patient, very sweet, very knowledgeable, and overall an amazing speech therapist.


It is an absolute pleasure for me to recommend Nicole. She is an excellent speech language pathologist as well as an extremely knowledgeable and experienced professional. Our daughter who is five and has down syndrome is non-verbal. She has always experienced language difficulties along with lack of social skills.

We have been through a few speech language pathologists. But I am so glad that we met Nicole. She has excellent teaching skills. Her approach and methods are amazing as she carefully considers Lillian’s strengths and weaknesses. Nicole manages to build therapy sessions with challenges and interesting tasks. Nicole knows how to adapt methods to create maximum results for Lillian. Nicole introduced us to the LAMP communication application. We then invested in an Accent 800 which is totally devoted to her communication. It is absolutely amazing how she is learning to use the device to talk to us. When she told me “Mama I love you and gave me a hug, my heart melted!” Not only has she been able to communicate with the device but she also is now starting to verbalize!!

Nicole’s patience and expertise are incredible! Due to the variety of Nicole’s approaches in therapy Lillian is able to enjoy therapy while staying organized and focused. Nicole exhibits and demonstrates great enthusiasm and I am extremely grateful that I had the honor and pleasure of finding Nicole!